Tattooist Enda Mcveigh: “The worst advertisement for your work is someone who is going to regret it.”

Enda Mcveigh advice to first time customers!!!

It takes the two of us to perform Tattoo-

You and I,

I give and you receive.

Therefore please help me z Relax- everybody is as nervous as you, that’s OK… we’re used to dealing with nervous patients!

Communicate to me what you want, what you want the tattoo to “say” about you.

z Be realistic in your expectations

z Our reputation is built on experience: We will not undertake Tattoo that is (in our opinion anyway) unworkable or that in time (20-40 years) will not look good, or that we feel you might regret later.

We fully believe that there is more to this ancient ritual than modern society credits it with. These are more than just pretty pictures, they are a mark on the inner self, an outward symbol of the journey through life.

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Skin Nicks: Marked for Life